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    Smart Programmable Temperature Controller

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    The Smart Programmable Temperature Controller by EPIC-LEGENDS allows you to connect to your home WIFI and control the temperature of your room with a smartphone app. The temperature can be adjusted in 1°C increment, and you can also program it to turn on and off at certain times. This is great for saving energy and the environment. This product is great for animals, such as chickens or rabbits that need to be maintained at specific temperatures. This product is also great for use in fish tanks, reptile enclosures, and much more.

    • Maximum stroke: 4.5mm
    • Accuracy: Positive and negative 0.5 Celsius
    • Set Temp. Range: 5~45 Celsius
    • Display temp. Range: 0~70 Celsius
    • Ambient Temp: 0 ~ 45 Celsius


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