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    Solid Foundations

    Solid Foundations - SF-Industries

    Hey Guys, Welcome to the Seek First Podcast!

    Hope you guys are doing Amazing!

    As you guys may have heard already, I've moved the podcast to a new Platform so we are starting FRESH! The new Platform I'm using is:

    If you've been a previous listener - Welcome Back! If you're tuning in for the first time - Welcome!

    This is a Podcast Focused on Self-Development or I sometimes like to call it: 'New-Man' Development from a Faith Based Perspective. What i mean about New Man Development is stated in: 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. | So we'ere focusing on growing our New Identity!

    Each week we'll be diving into topics on growing in our Faith, Health, Mind-Set, Relationships and Character.

    How I choose what topic to speak on is really what I feel on my heart that day that I feel could really benefit someone.

    I'm always excited myself because I get to learn and grow from the things I share, together with you guys! - Sometime the best way to learn is to teach.

    At the start of each episode I like make sure we are fully primed and ready to learn and hear from God.

    Priming yourself is simply positioning yourself to be ready to receive or execute physically, mentally & spiritually.

    So Let's start by sitting up straight and correcting our posture where ever you are.

    Than let's start to crack a bit of a smile on our face to send those happy and joy signals to our brain.

    Just stir up the feeling of Gratitude! Think of something you are Grateful for right now!

    Take a Deep long breath IN and Let it all out!

    Alright. We are Primed & Ready to Grow!

    So Let's Jump Right IN!

    In this first episode on our new podcast platform I wanna talk about setting a foundation for our lives.

    At the time of this Podcast we are currently going through some troubled times with the Covid-19 outbreak.

    It is currently shaking the very foundations of a lot of peoples lives - Physically, financially, emotionally, mentally & spiritually!

    This is a time where we can clearly see what foundations are Truly solid.

    A lot of people in this season have just realized that there Job is not a very solid foundation.

    That the economy is not a solid foundation, neither is the govourment or even there health.

    Life is Fragile and everything in it is not a good foundation to build your life on!

    The only thing that is a solid foundation is our faith in Christ.

    Because if everything passes away or life ends... We still go on to live for Eternity!

    Jesus has paid the price and defeated spiritual death so that we may freely receive the GIFT of salvation.

    This is not something we can ever Earn or ever Deserve!

    So no matter what happens, we need to be super grateful and take joy for our salvation.

    In this time where many are questioning there life's foundation - It's important for us to Share this GOOD news!

    People now and more open than ever.

    If God is real... Than all of eternity is at stake for so many lives around us.

    We can share this good news in many ways... But the best way is by LOVE.

    This is how God choose to show us... By giving us his life for us on the Cross.

    We SO much to be grateful for today!

    Don't forgot to SEEK FIRST the kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you!

    Have an BLESSED day - Love you guys! & I'll see you here.. In the next episode.

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