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    My Story

    My Story - SF-Industries

    My Story


    I was born and raised in Canada, Ontario and currently live in the small but growing town of Grimsby with my wife Katie. My whole family is from the small country of Latvia and moved here to Canada, Toronto were i was born. My Family had absolutely nothing (But God) when they moved here and lived on the streets for quite some time.. Starting from the bottom. Miracle after miracle + By God’s grace and a lot of hard work we overcame so much together. I started working full time at 12 years old in Construction as a General Contractor and have been working in that industry for 16 years! TOO many amazing testimonies to share through out that time on how God brought me through so many things to share here.. But i can say.. GOD IS GOOD! One day i went to a Young Adults Christmas party that someone from my Church set up and this B.E.A.UTIFUL girl was there that i just couldn’t keep my eyes off of.. I found out she was a Wedding Photographer.. So i began to learn everything i can about it and even started a Photography Instagram that i would post shots taken with my cell phone in hopes that i would impress her.. We started up a Street Ministry group together that would go to the Streets of Hamilton to share the Love of Jesus with people in every way possible. We saw many Miracles (All kinds of pain leaving people, Legs & Arms growing out, Tumor disappearing ect..) Casting out demons and many other amazing things God did for people! Just the regular christian life.. Long story short.. After that.. I Married this girl!! My Dream Girl Katie Ziedins!! Life has never been better for me as we both pursue our Passions together which include: Jesus, Health & Fitness, Photography, Video, YouTube, Business ect.. I’m so excited to be moving towards my dreams of us working together and making an impact on this world for Gods glory! Through out my life especially when i get caught up seeking after what the world says will fulfill you but only leads to emptiness.. I am reminded of that important truth to SEEK FIRST the Kingdom and All the rest will be added!

    Thats what i want my life to be known for. To Seek First, Love God & Love Others!



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