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    My Minimalist Journey: as of march 01, 2019 I decided to dedicate the month to organizing my life. I Started off by cleaning my house, truck, reformatting my computer, laptop, phone and refreshing everything. As I was doing this I realized how amazing it felt to be organized, clean and only have what I actually use and love. in this time of organizing I came across an amazing podcast called (The minimalist podcast) and I’ve learned so much about this new way of living called being a minimalist. I decided to get on board and really commit to this way of life for the many benefits it has. I feel like i have a lot less stress, worries and anxiety, I feel a lot more focused and grateful for the things I have, if I don’t feel absolute joy from something I give it away and move forward. the amount of money I’m saving has been a huge bonus as well! I’m continuing to learn so much from this lifestyle and definitely recommend it to everyone! it’s also a nice feeling not contributing to the harmful effects to the environment that purchasing a lot of ‘stuff’ causes!


    It’s Jan 02, 2020 right now (Update)

    The new year has rolled around, as well as the new decade and I feel like I’m more motivated than ever to simplify my life and live that minimalist lifestyle even more.

    Yesterday we just cleaned our whole house, getting rid of all the garbage.

    Today we will be making donations for everything we don’t use anymore!

    I’ve also been selling things online that I don’t value as much anymore.. I really wanna be more thoughtful with everything I buy now and make sure i use it to the MAX and that it’s something that’s lined up to my purpose.

    I’m excited to see what this new year & new decade holds for all of us!

    My first action going into this new year is to >SIMPLIFY< If you follow my on Instagram you know that I've been talking about it already..

    The reason why I’m excited for this is because when i thought about what could i have done better last year (even though it was my best year ever!) I think i could have been a lot more focused and organized.. I feel like i procrastinated a but tooo much.. and part of that is having too much stuff and over complicating things!

    This year I wanna only have what i use and use what i have!

    This is a year of FOCUS!! Focus on what matters.. Focus on what will make an impact.. Focus on growing closer to God.. Focus on our Health.. Focus on saving & investing.. Focus on Growing our business! 2020.. Here we come!

    I’m excited to share more a long the journey! Thanks for reading and being a part of it! - Reach out to me anytime and I would love to help you in your journey in anyway!

    We are in this Together!

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