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    Hey guys! It’s been awhile.. if you guys are following me on any of my socials I have been away traveling with my Wife, She hosted a workshop for 4 days in Paris which went really well! Than we just explored Paris for the rest of the week and than explored Italy for the next week - Stayed on Capri Island for quite a big of it.. than checked out the Almafi Coast and had the best time of our lives!


    That was my first time in Europe and absolutely loved it!! My family is from Latvia which is in Europe so I felt like I connected with people really well there and it felt like home!


    Hope you guys have been doing well!.. I got a powerful word for you guys today. Its about Legacy! I attended a meeting this morning for my business and hearing peoples stories it really got me thinking about what kind of legacy I am working to leave on this earth and mostly WHY must I a leave a good legacy?


    I believe we will all live forever when we die and move on to a new life! Even just to grasp that is life changing. Living for eternity! A really good book I recommend on that topic is called: ‘Driven By Eternity’ by John Bevere! It was definitely a life changing book for me!


    But back to Legacy.. One thing I heard this morning from someone was to look back at your family line. See what Legacy's your family has left behind in previous generations weather good or bad.. than decide what you want to change and what you want to continue. It will take work.. working on getting rid of those generational habits, maybe addictions, maybe health issues.. but we can be the ones to set a new path. What an Honor!


    I believe that is one of the things we are called to do. An amazing example of this is by looking through out the bible and see how much it talks about generational blessing, cures and how much it values the lineage from Adam all the way to Jesus all the way to Us! Right here, right now.


    A revelation I had some time ago which only till recently I saw that it was actually proven scientifically was that: How we live, think, speak, act right now.. even BEFORE having kids greatly effects who they are right when they are born. Some people have the mentality that they will live life wildly and without discipline or purpose before they have kids or get married and than think when that comes they will start to take responsibility..


    but that definitely is an absolute missed opportunity if you are still in that season! We need to live the lifestyle we would want our kids to live even before you have them! & again its proven that it actually happens! They natural become like you.. unless they have the drive to breakthrough those habits themselves.. but we can actually breakthrough for them! So cool!


    And if you have kids already than it all comes to example. Monkey see, monkey do. Its much easier to follow someone who is leading by example than someone who just tells you what to do! So all that to say.. we have a responsibility.. whatever stage of life you are in.. to breakthrough those generational habits, issues, cures and to leave a legacy that sets up a new way of life for the next generations! Again.. what an Honor!


    What a motivation to live our best lives! The things we do,, those small habits we break actually make WAY more of a difference than we think! We are called to be overcomes! We are MORE than overcomers through Christ who strengthens us! Lets live for eternity, be driven by eternity, think long term and realize everything we do, say or think matters!


    And Don’t worry about the past at all.. today is a NEW day! And God is a god of grace and new beginnings, he can absolutely redeem the time we may have lost.. and help us make a massive impact on this world and leave behind a legacy that is not a prideful one like some people go after.. by seeking riches and fame.. but by humbling ourselves and living a life of crazy love, crazy faith and living a life that points to Jesus our saving Grace. I know for sure...We’ll be eternally grateful that we did! Hope that encourages you guys today! Seek FIRST the Kingdom! Think Eternity.. Life is So short! Never worry, never stress, never be anxious about anything. Just Trust God! He’s always with you! Thanks for listening, if it helped you in anyway play comment, take a screenshot of this episode and post what your biggest takeaway is on your story, don’t forget to tag me so I can repost! Thank you guys for being apart of this community! You guys awesome! Love you guys!.. And I’ll see you next Monday!


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