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    This is a list of supplements & health products that I personally Use, Love & Recommend. ( I also try and partner with all the brands I truly love.. so a lot of the links are my affiliates. Thank you so much for the support! - Daniel

    • Alpha Dynamics

      I use the ‘Activate’ & ‘Regenerate’ Mushroom Extract from alpha dynamics everyday. I mix it in my Coffee or Tea | i use ‘Activate’ in the morning & ‘regenerate’ at the end of the day for recovery | I mostly feel a boost of energy and a clearer focus along with many other benefits ie. immune system support..

    • Earth Runners

      Earth Runners are such an amazing idea.. They are a minimalist Sandel with a Grounding Copper wire to get health benefits from the the Ground. (Google Search ‘Grounding’ to learn more about the benefits!)

    • Naked Nutrition

      One of my favorite sport supplement companies.. I use their protein powders a lot. The reason I like them: They keep it Simple & Pure. Definitely check them out!

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