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    3 Things to work on in 2020 & Beyond

    3 Things to work on in 2020 & Beyond - SF-Industries

    Hey guys I want to share with you what I think are 3 important areas to grow in for success in your business and personal life - There are obviously many areas we could & should grow in constantly but these are three that I found massively beneficial to not only my personal growth but in my business and finances!  So lets jump right into it!

    #1 Long Form Video / YouTube

    I think creating long form videos talking about things that you are passionate about is an incredible way to grow in your personal life because for most of us it is something outside our ‘comfort zone’ Also when we start out doing it, it can be tough to watch yourself and accept the way that you sound or look.. it least it was for me & it can also be challenging to not ‘Worry’ about what people think & people judging you ect..

    When you overcome these areas.. You are breaking free from some massive hurdles in your life!

    You’ll feel amazing when you do!  They key is just do it and stay consistent.

    Not to mentions long form videos / Youtube is a great way to build your brand and build a community of people who really know you better than on any other platforms.. & it can also be one of the best platforms to monetize on long term because of that!

    So I challenge you! Start creating videos!

    #2 Ecommerce / Sales

    Not only is this a great way to make money online but getting into the Ecommerce REALLY changes the way you see things when it comes to products, stores and how people think when they are shopping - marketing and sales. It’s incredible how much detailed thought goes before successful Ecommerce Brands..  Everything from the color of the buttons to the size of the images to the words used to describe products..  its a whole other world & its something that can benefit you for the rest of your life. When you go out shopping and buying things, you start to notice all the marketing strategies behind it all..  Sales in General is a great skill to learn in many ways - I can make a whole other video just on that!

    #3 Investing / saving

    This is a big one as well..  One massive thing I’ve benefited from investing is valuing the growth of money..  Before investing I would look at something that is maybe cheap like a $2 coffee and not think twice about it.. But after investing you mind starts to shift to compound thinking.. you start to look at what that $2 could be.. you start to realize that the $2 can become 4$ than $6 and just keeps growing from there!

    This is something definitely worth learning and growing in anyway you can! I’ll be making some videos soon as to where I invest my money to give you guys some ideas to use!

    These are the 3 Areas worth growing in! Youtube / Longform Videos - Ecommerce / Sales & Investing / Saving! They will benefit you now and throughout your life! - I’ll be creating a lot more videos on this topic and share with you guys some things iv’e been learning!  I’m excited to grow together with you guys! 

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    Thank you guys so much for all the support!!

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